My Halloween Costume

Yes, I know Halloween is over but I just had to share my last minute costume idea! I am pretty obsessed with Pinterest so I was looking up easy costume ideas and I kept seeing bunny ears, cat ears, etc. It reminded me of all the animal snapchat filters and I thought, “Omg I can be my favorite snapchat filter, which is the butterfly snapchat filter!” The snapchat filter is long gone now, but it definitely came back for Halloween ūüôā

I ordered these butterflies from Amazon¬†and painted them metallic gold before applying a layer of tacky glue. Next, I dipped them in gold fine glitter. After letting them air dry, I used hairspray to set the glitter on the butterflies. The butterflies I bought came with black bobby pins to glue on the back but I used silver alligator clips for extra support so they won’t fall off my hair.

The makeup seems like a lot and I wish I took step by step pictures, but I had work on Halloween. I was rushing with only 30 minutes to get ready. A video would’ve been more informative but I’m just not into vlogging LOL and if you know makeup then you can easily follow these steps!

Makeup Details (it seems like a lot but it really isn’t lol)

  1. Before any makeup application, cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face. Start off with a face primer.
  2. I always start with my eyes first. See picture below for guidance from Roya Fadai. Apply eyeshadow primer to eyelids. Let sit for 15 secs. Using my brush that came in the palette, I used the Modern Renaissance in warm taupe and brushed it against the whole crease of the eye. For the outer v, I used color Busted from Naked 2. I then used Half Baked by Naked 2 and do inner lid to center lid. I blended it evenly with Sigma E40 brush. I then went back on the eyelids with my Half Baked and basically kept putting it on LOL because I really wanted a gold color for this makeup do. Watch Youtube tutorials if you need help because that’s how I learn to do the basic eyeshadow.¬†158675-step-by-step-eye-makeup
  3. Apply eyeliner, curl lashes, and apply mascara. This will help lashes go on better.
  4. Put lash glue on lashes and let dry for 30 secs for application. Cut the eyelashes if it is too long for your eye.
  5. Apply a coat of mascara to the under eye very gently. It’s okay if you get makeup on your face because you can just wipe off since we did not apply any face makeup yet.
  6. Apply lashes right on the lash line and use a tweezer for assistance. Go back over the lashes with eyeliner to even it out.
  7. Apply under eye concealer to under eye and blend with a beauty blender or sponge.
  8. Apply foundation using Sigma Brush F80 from the kabuki kit. You can always use a beauty blender for this as well.
  9. Using the Anastasia contour kit & #18 brush, I used cinnamon to contour my cheekbones, my jaw line, and right next to my hairline on my forehead. I used the banana color to highlight my under eye area. If you don’t know how to contour, look at this picture below. You should know the type of face you have. The darker colors are to define your face and the lighter colors are to highlight and brighten.
  10. I then use my beauty blender and translucent powder to “bake my face.” See picture below if you don’t know what I mean. Let powder sit for couple mins then go back with a tapered brush to blend.
    1. Baking by Heidi
  11. Using my Sigma F84 brush from the kabuki set, I added a lot of bronzer to my cheekbones for extra definition! Pucker your lips into a fish face so you can see the definition of your cheek bones and go up and down.
  12. Using my Sigma F40 brush from the essential kit, start to highlight your face right on top of my bronzer and contour. I layered with bar of gold, Becca champagne pop, and then topped it off with my Anastasia Glo Getter.
  13. Using the Glamglow lip scrub, apply a little to lips and brush it off with a toothbrush. This exfoliate the lips so that any lipstick will go on smoothly. I then added two drops of the lip oil so that it can moisturize my lips. I let that sit and then applied my lip liner to the lining of my lips and then applied my liquid lipstick. Use concealer and just a little of translucent powder to clean and highlight lips if needed.
  14. Spray face and chest area with setting spray.
  15. I crumbled up pieces of the gold leaf oil and put it all over my chest.
  16. Style hair as desired and start clipping butterflies to your hair.
  17. I put pieces of gold leaf foil on my hair as well to make it pop more!







Outfit Details:

Off Shoulder Dress: Amazon

Belt: Rhinestone Ribbon from Dollar Store superglued on

Shoes: Steve Madden




  1. nina webb
    November 8, 2017 / 12:08 am

    Your makeup is so gorgeous here!! Such a cool idea ūüėĽ

    • fabul0uus
      November 8, 2017 / 12:12 am

      Thank you ūüíē

  2. Ashley
    November 8, 2017 / 12:14 am

    Love love this look! Amazing details. You look gorgeous!

    • fabul0uus
      November 8, 2017 / 12:16 am

      thank you beautiful <3

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