What’s in My Travel Bag + My Airport Look

I don’t travel as much as I used to now that I’m in nursing school but when I do I can never leave these things at home! I am a makeup and skincare junkie on an everyday basis but I like to take especially good care of myself when I am away. Read below to find out about some of my favorite everyday products that I just had to buy in fun size for my trips!

Compression Socks
When traveling for a longer duration, it is important to get circulation to your legs and especially your feet! This prevents swelling and numbing. You can buy diabetic or compression socks because these are made to improve circulation to reduce sweating. I bought mine at Target and they’re made by Dr. Scholl’s.

Dry Shampoo + Blow Dry Serum 
When I fall asleep on the plane, I have no control of how I roll or turn LOL and my hair surely suffers for it. I always freshen my hair after I get off the plane to make it look like I did not just wake up from deep sleep LOL. I use Drybar Triple Sec which is a volumizer, texturizer, and dry shampoo all in one. I love how it makes my hair feels so fresh, soft, and smelling lovely! I also use this throughout the day to touch up my hair to give it extra volume since my hair is sooo thin. I also prep my hair with this before curling to give it extra volume. Another hair product that I absolutely must have is my blow dry serum by Kenra. It reduces my blow dry time by half which is perfect for traveling and also leaves my hair feeling so smooth and soft. I got this at a beauty store but it can be found at Ulta as well.

Primer + Setting Spray
Most of the time, I have a really tight itinerary when I travel and it consists of eating, hiking, shopping, etc. so I make sure my makeup stays! I start off with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer which sets my makeup and also makes it ready for pictures. After I apply all my makeup, I set it with the setting spray by Supergoop which I love because it has SPF in it. The setting spray looks large but it’s only 3.4 oz which makes it travel friendly!

Call me weird or not but I think the airplane just has a weird smell sometimes LOL so I bring a rollerball with me to freshen up. Rollerballs are travel friendly and can easily be put into any clutch or purse to freshen on the go instead of bringing your whole perfume which for me is always over the weight. I use my favorite scent which is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. It’s fresh, crispy, and feminine!

Hand Sanitizer + Hand Wipes + Hand Cream
Maybe because I work in the healthcare industry, I am a huge germaphobe! Do you ever think of how many people touch just about everything at the airport and the plane? Lol don’t mean to gross anyone out but every time I go to a hotel now (thanks to my clinical instructor), I wipe down door knobs, remote control, and kinda everything. On the go, I have my hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. Because hand sanitizer is made up on alcohol, it dries out your hand so get a nice hand cream to keep your hands moisturized especially in the cold!

Face Cleanser & Mask
I pretty much wear makeup all the time when I am traveling and will most likely have a bad diet with drinking and eating everything so I want to take care of my skin. Before going to sleep, I will first take off my makeup with Neutrogena wipes and then cleanse with my face with Boscia. I then put on this Glamglow Supermud mask for 15 minutes to get that deep cleaning. If I just see just few big pimples, I would use this as a spot treatment instead. I have the full size version and love love love it!!!!!

Emergen C
Getting sick is the last thing I would want especially when I am away. It’s hard to eat nutritious foods when on vacation so extra vitamin c is needed to boost my immune system. I take this after my breakfast because the mint taste (from my toothpaste) followed by an orange drink after does not mix well at all.

I can never go to the gym without headphones so I would never get on the airplane without them either. Music is life and it’s nice when I’m traveling by myself to just be in the zone to myself. When I have a lot of catching up on my shows to do, I would download it on Netflix of Xfinity TV and watch it. Unfortunately, since I’m in nursing school, I would just be catching up on homework 🙁 Not currently pictured but I always bring my obnoxious rose gold beats by Dre.

Some Packing Tips:
I try to be comfy as I can to the airport but I also try to wear pieces that I know I am going to wear during the trip so it takes up less room. I know I’m definitely going to wear my denim jacket during the trip and since it’s pretty thick, I wore it to the airport because I get really cold. For shoes, I try to wear something comfy like sneakers and I know I will be wearing these during my trip for walking around or hiking. I try to pack 4 pairs of shoes which falls under the category of athletic, casual, casual dressy, and dressy. Athletic would be my sneakers and casual would either be flats or sandals depending on the weather. Since it’s fall, my casual dressy shoe choice would be my OTK boots and then my dressy option would be heels or booties which is for dinner and nightlife.

Airport Makeup:
I keep this very very simple and use a tinted moisturizer because it moisturizes and gives me glow at the same time! I then put on some bronzer & highlighter & I’m all set! I don’t use any eye makeup because I don’t want anything in my eyes if I sleep.
Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in mini
Tinted Moisturizer:Charlotte Tilbury
Bronzer & Highlighter:Becca x Chrissy Teigen Palette

Outfit Details:

Denim Jacket: Levi’s (similar one here)
Shirt: J Crew
Flannel: Garage (similar one here)
Leggings:Alo Yoga
Sneakers:Nike Flyknit Racer


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