Christmas Wrap Up

Can’t believe the most wonderful season is coming to an end but at least we all have pictures for memories! This is just a recap of how I spent my Christmas this year 😊

1. Christmas photoshoot at Ria’s

Ria’s house probably has to be the most festive house I ever been to like there are Christmas trees everywhere and the trees are so full of ornaments! She was so kind and let me have my photoshoot here πŸ™‚ I love the gold room the most because I just felt like a queen on a throne.

img_5923Outfit Details: Cardigan: Forever 21, White tank: Express, White off-shoulder bodysuit: Pretty Little Thing, Plaid PJ shorts/black leggings: Target

2. Christmas Eve Eve – Tina’s birthday
My babe Tina was celebrating her birthday this weekend at Sampan which is an Asian fusion restaurant in Center City Philadelphia. We got the chef’s special which was 9 courses for $45 per person. Unfortunately we were sooo hungry lol and digged in ASAP so no pictures of food. I do recommend the wagyu beef satay if you’re here. It’s so delicious! After dinner, we went to Spin Philadelphia which is a ping pong bar. To rent a ping pong table to play is only $40 an hour. The drinks were strong and affordable and there’s a tub of ping pong balls to play in and make cute boomerangs in πŸ™‚

3. Christmas Eve
My boyfriend’s cousins came over from Hong Kong so we had dinner at his sister’s house and exchange gifts with them. His sister got me a Chloe perfume set and I love it because I need new perfume since people steal my perfume lol smh. His cousins got me a selfie light for my phone and also bunch of snacks and face masks. We also had cake and it was a holiday green tea cake from Paris Baguette which was so yummy.

My family is Catholic and I have super religious parents so if you’re Catholic, this is the one mass you definitely have to go to. I go almost every Sunday with my parents and it’s not crowded at all but this mass was sooo crowded and you see people you never seen before lmao. My boyfriend isn’t Catholic but I made him go with me 😊 After church, we went home and ate dinner and waited until midnight to open gifts. I got money, winter accessories, makeup, lotion, socks, clothes, alarm clock, candy, and a YSL bag from my boyfriend. My favorite gift of all is just spending time with my loved ones ❀️

Outfit details: Top: H&M, Skirt: Who What Wear Collection, Booties: BP by Nordstrom

4. Christmas 😍😍😍
Unfortunately, I work in healthcare so we are open everyday and I had to work in the morning. I woke up at 4am to make food for my work and my boyfriend’s family party after. I was inspired by Pinterest and made Reindeer pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Click here for the recipe πŸ™‚ I just added pretzels for the ears, vanilla wafers for mouth, m&m’s for the nose & candy googly eyes. I also made pastellios which are Spanish empanadas and made it with pepperoni and ground beef. I’ll post the recipe at a later post because I have to remake this for my New Year’s Day party as well.

Work was pretty slow so I had fun spending time with my coworkers and eating. We had a pot luck style party and had breakfast food and bunch of desserts to enjoy.

After work, I quickly ran home to change and headed to my boyfriend’s cousin’s house for their Christmas party. This year, his cousins and I participated in Secret Santa. I got a faux fur pillow and faux fur rug that I been wanting for my bed so I’m super excited about that.

christmas breakfast at work


my pastellios ready for the oven

Outfit details: Cardigan: Boohoo, Tank Shirt: Forever 21, Leggings: Victoria Secret Pink

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Can’t wait for the new year xoxo <3

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