Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Hi everyone! Last weekend, I ended my birthday weekend at Blue Box Cafe aka the restaurant Tiffany & Co opened up on their 4th floor of the 5th Ave location. I wanted to share with you my experiences here but you can also follow me on Yelp to read the basically same review as well.

To begin with, reservations are extremely hard to get! Reservations open 30 days advanced on Resy (which is available as an app as well) and you really have to be on it because they are all gone inn less than 5 mins! Make sure you create an account on Resy in advanced, save your credit card info (they’ll need a credit card to hold it), be logged in, and keep refreshing at 8:59am on your phone, laptop & desktop. Yup that’s what I had to do at work LOL and it worked.

Okay moving on to the actual restaurant….everything about this restaurant is so aesthetic and beautiful with the classic Tiffany blue color. Our reservation was at 3:30pm and we were seated about 20 mins later. We originally wanted to have a table near the window to have a nice city view but would have had to wait longer and we were already starving so we just sat down at a regular circle table anyways. the restaurant is pretty small with about 15 tables but I didn’t feel crowded at all.

The number one question I get asked is: was it good or is it worth it? If you ask me, someone who loves instaworthy places and desserts, then yes it is. However, if you ask my boyfriend, someone who doesn’t like sweets or care for its aesthetics, then no. I have to admit since I began this journey of blogging, I love anything that is pretty and makes a perfect instagram pic. I still wanted to go here because I wanted to say, “Yeah, I had breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is a classic movie and I grew up with Audrey Hepburn posters everywhere and my favorite quote is still by her: “Happy girls are the prettiest.” The paddle that my sorority little sis made me is Audrey Hepburn also. Yup that’s how obsessed I am.

Okay moving on to the yummy stuff: food! I ordered the Tiffany Tea and my boyfriend ordered the lunch combo of a chopped salad to start and a chicken club sandwich as the entree. I was a little too into my meal and snapping pics of myself that unfortunately, I do not have pictures of his meal. The salad was tiny and consisted of more cucumbers than lettuce and the sandwich was just really plain and dry with no flavor. Good thing we had tea to chase it down. His meal ended up being $39 and it was not worth it at all.

Food: Fortunately, my meal was delicious! I ordered the Tiffany Tea ($49). If you never had afternoon tea before, it is usually served in tiers with scones, finger sandwiches, and pastries. My bottom plate were two mini scones with jam, butter and honey that was yummy. The middle plate were the finger sandwiches. The sandwiches were pretty flavorful except for the chicken salad one that was dry. The others were cucumber, salmon, and hummus. The top plate were the desserts plate: Tiffany bird’s nest, mini blue box cake, coconut brownie, lemon meringue tart, and a silver Tiffany chocolate. I thought all the desserts were yummy especially the bird’s nest. It was crunchy with chocolate pieces and was just interesting to eat. I paired this with the Tiffany Blend tea which had a light floral and but herbal black tea taste that was slightly sweetened.

Dessert: Yes, I had to order dessert even after I already had all desserts LOL so I ordered the glided chocolate mousse cake ($12) and it was so delicious! It was so silky and chocolately that I ate the whole thing to myself. It even had pieces of gold in it and a chocolate diamond. Highly recommend for any chocolate lovers out there. You can click here for their full menu.

Service: My service was amazing despite what the reviews say on Yelp. My waiter stopped in regularly to check on us and really explained the menu to us. I had no problems with the service at all and everyone were really friendly especially when they were closing and they allowed us to stay and take more pictures (we weren’t able to get a seat next to the window without waiting another hour so we were able to snap pics when people were clearing out) .

Overall, I enjoyed the experience here.. I mean it is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The decor was so cute inside and the desserts were just delicious. I highly recommend if you are a dessert person to come here or if you are a lover of Tiffany’s to just come for the experience and of course pictures 🙂



  1. avry morris
    April 2, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    Honestly, the place looks TOO DIE for cute!

    I completely agree…us bloggers have to go somewhere when the aesthetic is just that good! I loved how honest you were about the food. So many people lie and say it was amazing worth it so on and so on then you go and you’re like great! Not what I thought it would be. Your pictures are soo cute and the one where you’re looking out the window is my favorite (hopefully it makes to the gram so I can show more love) haha.

    • fabul0uus
      April 2, 2018 / 5:56 pm

      LOL yes that pic is next for the gram 😂 thank you for your ongoing support 😘❤️

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