Happy Two Years

Hi everyone 🙂 I guess I am a little emotional and nostalgic since it’s my two year anniversary so I’m getting real personal and tell you about our story.

How it began: We met 6 years ago through my cousin Phi and they were best friends. I was going out with her and my sister and then Andy was there with his guys. We came from the gym so I remember wearing no makeup and my hair was still damp from the shower so shorty was a hot mess. It was a regular chill night and when we left, Andy came up to me and asked for my number. I hesitated because I was shocked and my cousin kept pushing him away and saying no lol. I eventually gave in and then we started casually talking. My cousin warned him multiple times that he wouldn’t be able to handle me and that I was spoiled and a princess. Boy, he was in for a real treat lmao. I still joke around today and tell him “should had listened to my cousin.”

On September 12, 2012, Andy delivered me my first bouquet of roses from him to my apartment. I know the exact date because my sorority sister uploaded a picture of me that you will see later down there. I am the first girl Andy ever bought roses for and Andy said that I actually taught and made him want to be a gentleman. We started dating, mostly dinner and movie dates. Andy was sweet and accepted that I ate a lot LOL so I always felt comfortable eating in front of him. Our first date was at Grand Lux Cafe and then our first fancy date was at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse that quickly sparked our love for steakhouses. I used to go away an hour away for school and Andy would take me out for dinner in Philadelphia and drop me off at my school. When we go to my school after, he would order food to go for me because at that time, I did not like to cook at all. Andy was always a gentleman but that time just was not right for us. I am not going into details lol but we were young and stupid.

Throughout the years, we dated other people and reconnected at times but never anything serious. It was really weird because we would randomly bump into each other often lol and I just be like “hi” all shy LOL and then that’s it. I remember getting into a car accident in Chinatown and here comes Andy and his friends walking around the corner lol it was really weird. We haven’t spoken in so long and I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know if it was because I was just in an accident or I just really didn’t know what to say. He asked if I was okay and I nodded yeah and then they went on with our nights. That was exactly a year before we reconnected for the last time.

At that time, I was in a really dark time in my life with the previous relationship. I was in a toxic relationship and I basically lost a sense of who I really was. I was not the strong independent woman I claimed to be. Behind every smile, I was actually hurting inside and it was something I kept to myself because I knew if I spoke out, everyone would had told me to leave. I didn’t want to hear that. I didn’t want to hear that my relationship is failing. I didn’t want to hear that I made a mistake by getting into this relationship and letting it go on for too long. I kept making excuses for him saying it’s because of our long distance (he was on West Coast while I was on East Coast) and that he’s been hurt in his past. I felt like I was alone and even sought counseling to try to get help. I don’t think anyone knew I had to do that but I told Andy when we started talking again and he was real supportive and patient. Eventually, I had enough and I realized I had to be the totally bad ass woman I once was.

Why I stayed? It wasn’t always toxic and it was perfect in the beginning but that quickly went downhill. It’s the woman in me to have hope, to hold on, and think that I ultimately can change someone and bring them out the darkness but unfortunately, it put me in the darkness. I stopped making excuses for him and stopped blaming myself. Lesson learned. No hard feelings. I learned to forgive him and let it go. The hardest part was actually forgiving myself. I was so mad at myself for allowing that to happen and mad at myself for not standing up sooner and leaving. I kept beating myself up, asking “why?” and it really put me down. I eventually learned to forgive myself with time and I am very much at peace and in a much better place now.

How me and Andy reconnected one last time: It was a random night (a year after our last encounter with my car accident) going out with my sister and girlfriends and we started waiting at this bar when my sister goes “Isn’t that Andy?!” I’m like “OMG don’t look Cindy” and of course she yells out his name and I’m over here talking under my breath to my girlfriends like, “WHYYYYY WOULD SHE THAT?!” Anyways, he came over and said hi and said that I’m the love of his life. I’m like ok whatever and brushed it off lol. We ended up going to different bars that day and towards the end of the night, we met up later at a pizza shop where I was totally kinda done/tired by then lol. It was raining that night and Andy was kinda far from the pizza shop so he made one of his friends walk him. We were all just chilling with friends and then he kissed my forehead and left. We didn’t text or talk to after that. The following week, we all went out and my cousin Phi (Andy’s best friend) was there so she told him to come out. I secretly knew he was going to come cause of me LOL. I was with my girls and he was with his boys all chilling separately and that’s when he took me to the bar and starting buying me drinks and the rest is history LOL. We started talking after that but like really slowly. We didn’t go on dates yet but went out on the weekends casually together where I show up with my girls and he shows up with his boys. Super casual and minimum PDA. Andy was scared to asked me out on like a real date but he eventually did and took me to a super fancy steakhouse and I was like oh yes my favorite food so you might be a keeper.

How it became official? Two years ago, he took me back to Grand Lux Cafe where our first ever date was. It was just a regular night and I didn’t expect anything at all. I guess he was being all nostalgic and sentimental lol because he started to talk about our first date there and how we just seem to reconnected and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I am the worst when it comes to being surprised lmao because I just froze and didn’t say anything. I was not expecting it all and I usually am able to predict everything lol but then I snapped out of it and said “yes.” I felt bad because he probably was like wth in his head all sad. Ooops! That officially started our relationship and everything then just fell together. Andy was patient with me because he knew I came out of a relationship and did not force anything on me. I felt like we were slow to start and then moved kinda fast but it felt perfectly fine to me and that’s all that matters. We had history so we kinda just picked up from last time.

Our relationship is not perfect and we are not perfect but I couldn’t ask for more. It gets hard at times because we are both stubborn and bump heads but we learned how to communicate and get over our differences. Even after all this time knowing each other, we are still learning and growing together. We been on multiple vacations together and it really helped us experience the world and also spark our relationship more. It’s been a journey but it definitely helped our relationship get to where we are today.

Andy is a gentlemen who stills hold doors open for me and walks me to my car. He would drive anywhere for me and deliver me food anywhere including driving two hours to New York just to buy my favorite cookies. He also supports me financially and emotionally and I need it a lot now that I am going through nursing school. Even before blogging, I was a major foodie and Andy would take me wherever I want to go and eat even if he doesn’t eat it (he’s not a big sweets person and is healthy most of the times). Now with blogging, he has been real supportive in being my photographer and also being patient when I have to work on my blog. In addition, Andy is older than me and I always felt like I was holding him back in life because I know he wants to get married and have kids and I am in no rush for that because I am still in school and cannot financially support a family right now and I honestly need a career first before I even think about that. I knew I love Andy when he reassured me that there is no rush and he is just living in the moment, enjoying the slow times with me.

Sometimes, I look back and I wonder why we didn’t work out before and regret letting Andy go. I was young and stupid lol just leave it at that so I never really appreciated the efforts made for Andy and how he was always there. I am very happy that we are together now. I never felt more secure and at peace. For once, I am truly happy and satisfied with my life, who I have in my life, and the where I am going and Andy played a major role in it. Can’t wait to see where life takes us next <3 Thank you everyone for reading, I know it’s long but I couldn’t help share our story and all our cute photos.

PS. Omg the first pic where I had no eyebrows LOL and the phases of my hair color wow.


  1. little style blog
    May 10, 2018 / 12:37 am

    Omgg! I just read this entire story!! I love reading love stories. This was so so beautiful. You two are a beautiful couple, seriously. I’m gonna jump the gun on this one and say, I cant wait for you two to get married.

    I think the best relationships happen when they aren’t supposed to happen. If you two probably started dating early on you might not have lasted. The universe has a weird way of putting people together and keeping them there.

    Love all your photos two, they say the best thing for a couple to do is travel together!

    • fabul0uus
      May 10, 2018 / 12:41 am

      Aww thank you so much! That means a lot to me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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