Top 5 Matcha Picks in SF

Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I always wanted to go visit San Francisco because it’s a beautiful touristy place. In addition, I follow a lot of West Coast foodies especially matcha.sf on Instagram and it made me want to go even more to eat all the delicious matcha food. Well dream come true lol we finally did and I was on a hunt to eat all the matcha I could get. I indulged in plenty of matcha but these are my top 5’s picks and I included links to their IG & Yelp so you can have a visual and hear other people’s opinions πŸ™‚

  1. Uji Time
    Yelp & Instagram
    OMG the soft serve here was just so amazing! Located right in Japantown, they are known for soft serve in a taiyaki which is basically a Japanese style fish-shaped cake. Trust me, no fish in it at all lol I would know because I don’t eat fish. You can get filling inside the taiyaki but I prefer plain. Obviously, I got matcha soft serve with matcha powder and matcha pocky sticks as toppings. You can really taste the matcha in the ice cream and it was delicious. It was sweet but the sugar and dairy wasn’t overpowering so the matcha was really the star. You can tell just from the color that it’s going to taste more like matcha than just regular vanilla ice cream. Most matcha soft serves I taste in the past are really light green (usually overpowered by dairy/sugar) and matcha is a nice bright vibrant green.

  • Mensho Tokyo
    Yelp & Instagram (no ig but tagged photos)
    People thought I was kidding when I posted pictures of matcha ramen. Yup, I was pretty shocked too but only in SF and in a Japanese restaurant right?! (matcha originated in Japan). I was pretty scared to eat it because I never had savory matcha before so I didn’t know what to expect. When it came out, the whole bowl was green. The outside was basically covered in a layer of matcha powder so you couldn’t see the broth or filling. I took a bite and it was weird lol I don’t know how to explain it. I tasted mostly matcha and matcha has like a rich, strong, and bitter taste to it. Once I started to mix it, the broth turned green and tasted so much better. It was a perfect combo because it was nice and savory and the matcha gave it like a nice earthy taste. I may be biased because I love matcha and drink basically just matcha water so I know the taste without sugar and dairy in lattes and ice cream. FYI: Real matcha powder has no sugar in it so don’t expect it to be sweet and expect to wait about an hour in line.

  • Morning Wood
    Yelp & Instagram
    If I could eat pancakes from anywhere, it would be here. This was about ten minutes away from the airport so this was our first stop before heading into the heart of SF. They have matcha mochi pancakes and it was amazing omg. First of all, it was mochi so it had the nice glutinous texture in a pancake and I just love mochi. Second of all, it was matcha and you can really taste the matcha. It came with butter and blueberries which I love because I always need fruits with my pancakes. The waiter suggested ordering a side of fried chicken and then rolling the chicken in the pancake like pigs in a blanket and omg I’m drooling just thinking about it. It was the perfect combo.

  • Matcha Cafe Maiko 
    Yelp & Instagram
    This cafe originates all the way from Hawaii, was voted best matcha dessert by Honolulu Magazine 2017, and carries only premium matcha. Located right in Japantown, it sells matcha desserts as well as drinks. You can order regular matcha soft serve in a cone or get the special like I got. It’s matcha soft serve in a cup with matcha cake, red bean, chestnuts, corn flakes, and mochi. The matcha soft serve was really good and you can clearly taste the matcha flavor and it was not too sweet. It had the ideal green matcha color as well. The toppings were really interesting but it worked. I’m not a big fan of red bean but red bean and matcha is a pretty popular combo in the world of asian desserts. I didn’t mind because my bf enjoyed it. The mochi is plain and has no flavor but that was fine because the matcha is the star of course. The matcha cake was delicious and light and the corn flakes gave it a nice crunchy texture.

  • Mazarine Cafe
    Yelp & Instagram
    I had plenty of matcha lattes while I was in SF but this place was my favorite. To start off, it was foamy and light. Second of all, the matcha flavor was very rich and powerful but not bitter. The color and latte art were both beautiful which made it so much better and definitely insta-worthy. They also have a wide variety of toasts available for breakfast. I got my fave which was the avo toast and it paired well with the matcha latte.

  • Pineapple King Bakery
    Yelp & Instagram
    So as a bonus, wanted to share another yummy dessert place. It’s an asian bakery with a wide variety of baked goods and drinks. My favorite asian pastry of all time is a pineapple bun which is a sweet bun with yellow toppings on the top to resemble a pineapple. You can tell by the name of the bakery that they specializes in pineapple buns. When I got there, I saw so many but did not see green tea at all. I was about to be really depressed until I asked and they told me they are made fresh to order and comes in a pack of two. They are mini pineapple buns with green tea custard inside. I added this as a bonus because they were good pineapple buns and you can taste the green tea but it was mostly sweet and wasn’t as strong as I wanted.

    Thank you very matcha for reading πŸ™‚


    1. little style blog
      May 10, 2018 / 12:19 am

      Loved your post!

      If I had to choose one to go to right now I would def go with the Morning Wood, I’m a sucker for pancakes too and when you add chicken it’s a bonus.

      Your pictures were all really great and I loved your honest details!

      I’ve never been to San Fran but am dying to go especially after your recent trip!

      • fabul0uus
        May 10, 2018 / 12:42 am

        Omg you would love it! Thanks again for reading love! I love traveling and eating good 😊

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