My 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Hi everyone! So I just finished ten whole days of green smoothie diet and wanted to let you know my experience. It’s by JJ Smith and you can find her book here on Target or Amazon. A little background about me, I never been skinny to the bones and I don’t consider myself big or anything. I do like having some meat on me but not the excess fat lol. The skinniest I ever been was 118 pounds and that was gross and the heaviest I ever been was 145 pounds. My average would be 125 pounds and that’s being healthy with working out and dieting. I was doing pretty well on my diet but then nursing school happened and it really delayed my weight loss journey. It was hard to make time to go to the gym because I get stressed easy and I break down and cry and binge eat instead of taking the time to release the stress in a healthy way like exercising. Anyways, my birthday was about two months ago and I ate pretty bad lol. I recently came home from California and I basically ate everything there. I wanted to do this cleanse to detox my system so that I can start adapting a healthier lifestyle and be more mindful of what I put in my body. I am glad I did this because I love the results!

The book comes with easy to follow recipes and also a shopping list for the first 5 days and the last 5 days. I am not going to post the recipes out of respect to the author but you can buy her book for $10 and I linked it above. The groceries cost me about $100 and that is with healthy snacks. I did buy mostly organic and it is recommended because it is free of pesticides and all other stuff. This is a detox so you don’t want to be putting the same toxins you want to rid the body of. In addition, I bought the glass bottles from AC Moore. They’re originally $2 each but $1 with the 50% coupon πŸ™‚

Fluids: This is a cleanse so you are supposed to drink lots of water! This also prevents dehydration because you will be using the bathroom more frequently. No caffeine or alcohol is allowed. You are allowed to drink herbal tea like green or peppermint. Green tea is recommended because it helps burn fat.

Healthy snacks: apples, veggies, a handful of unsalted nuts, two hard boiled eggs and vegan protein powder are allowed. Even though you are allowed to snack, if you are hungry you should be taking sips of the smoothie or drinking water and tea. Usually, if you are hungry, it can also mean you are just thirsty so try sipping on some water, then smoothie if it doesn’t go away. I try to eat my hard boiled eggs after any activity I do.

Colon Cleanse: The author recommended doing a colon cleanse as well to help detox even more! I bought these pills from Amazon and they worked pretty well. Yes you will be making multiple visits. I take one before breakfast, before lunch, and at bedtime.

Exercise: Overall, I did very light exercise because I think I would pass out if I did anything heavy while consuming so many calories:

FYI: I found that blending the veggies first and then adding in fruits helped with the consistency. I like my smoothies tasting like a frozen smoothie and some days I felt like I was just eating spinach pieces. You can add more or less water/ice depending on how you like it.

Day One
Weight: I forgot to weigh myself πŸ™ but I was 140 when I last weighed myself the past weekend.
Measurements: 27 inch waist & 32 inch around the biggest diameter of my stomach
Snacks: 2 eggs and a handful of carrots
Activity: None
Feelings: Today was probably the worst because I didn’t ease into the cleanse like I should had. I went out all weekend so I drank and ate a lot and that wasn’t good at all. I also had horrible headaches which are normal because it is a symptom of detoxing when your body is trying to get rid of it. I also felt sluggish and cranky. The smoothies were pretty good and was a nice bright green color. My to go green smoothie would be spinach, strawberries, and mangoes… which were the bulk of today’s smoothie so I loved it and had no problem drinking it. Even though I felt sluggish, it was the first day of the challenge so I was like yay let’s go.. bring it on!!!!!

Day Two
Weight: I’m horrible I forgot to weigh myself again LOL
Snacks: 2 hard boiled eggs, carrots, and coconut pieces.
Activity: During break at school, I walked around outside with my friends and we did some squats but nothing crazy.
Feelings: Still had some detox headaches but not as cranky. Today was going fine and then during school, there was a town hall meeting and there were FREE PIZZA AND I HAD TO DENY IT. That made me kind of sad sitting there while everyone was like “OMG ew what is in your smoothie” LOL yeah today just looked gross ugh and the pizza just made me crave real foods.

Day Three
Weight: 135.8
Snacks: Two hard boiled eggs and carrots
Activity: None
Feelings: The headaches are slowly going away and not as bad as the first two days. This is completely normal because the first three days are supposed to be the worst since your body is still adjusting to the detox. I finally weighed myself this morning and I lost 4 pounds since I last weighed myself which was so nice to see the numbers dropped!

Day Four
Weight: 134.6
Snacks: Two eggs, pear, apple, handful of nuts
Activity: None
Feelings: I think because the smoothie just look like stuff I suction out of my patient’s trach tube.. I just couldn’t finish my smoothies at all and snacked a lot more today than usual. Headaches are away and I do feel less bloated but it’s just not that fun drinking smoothies all day lol liquid diets suck.

Day Five
Weight: 132.6
Snacks: Two eggs, pear, and grapefruit.
Activity: 15 mins elliptical and then 15 mins sauna.
Feelings: I do feel less bloated and I felt very energized after my mini workout. I finished majority of it. The smoothies were good but when it melts, it becomes too watery for me so I felt like I was drinking juice and not smoothie.

Day Six
Weight: 132.2
Activity: Walked around
Feelings: I didn’t drink as much water today and tea but I did snack a lot. I tried this smoothie cleanse in the past and I only made it to day 6 so I am proud to make it this far.

Day Seven
Weight: 132.2
Snacks: 2 eggs, carrots, and handful (or more) nuts
Activity: None
Feelings: Woooo one week in. At this point, I do feel energized and motivated but I just want it to be done already. At home, my family eats good. My boyfriend eats good. My friends eat good.. and meanwhile, I’m over here sipping on this things lol. Like I said, I get pretty bored at work so today, I was constantly munching on nuts. Nuts are high in healthy fats so at least it’s not a bad fat.

Day Eight
Weight: 131.8
Snacks: Apple slices and grapefruits
Activity: Lots of walking.. in heels too!
Feelings: Today was tough because my family and I went to the Sixers Game. I finished two smoothies by the time we got to the game and then went home and passed out so I never got to finishing the last one. I am a big fan of Chickie & Pete’s french fries and I wanted it so bad at the game but couldn’t. While my family were sipping on beer, I was drinking water lol. After the game, all the concessions were closed so we went to McDonald’s. They pigged out while I snacked on apple slices. Never in my life did a McChicken sandwich and fries looked more appetizing in my life and I never ever eat McDonald’s.

Day Nine
Weight: 131.6
Snacks: Apple and egg drop soup.
Activity: None
Feelings: I ran out of flax seeds today so I didn’t have any extra fiber in my smoothies. I didn’t finish my smoothies today. I drank all except half of the dinner bottle. I wanted solid foods like really bad so I ordered egg drop soup. I’m allowed two eggs a day so I figured egg drop soup would be a great alternative since it’s literally just eggs and chicken broth.. lol might end up being a bad idea who knows. Oh well! I had work today and it was slow so I was bored and when I am bored, I get really hungry lol. I was just at work looking at healthy recipes and figuring out what my first real meal would be. You know how when people are about to get executed, they get to have whatever they want as their last meal? Well yeah, that is how I feel right now lol thinking I can have anything I want for my first meal so it’s a tough decision LOL.

Day Ten
Weight: 131.6
Snacks: Two hard boiled eggs, freeze dried apples, handful of mixed berries, and lots of mints.
Activity: I did lots of walking around running errands and shopping πŸ™‚
Feelings: Today, I was excited because it is the last day so I wanted to finish strong so I basically finished all of my smoothies. The smoothie was pretty good and was a pretty green today. First, I felt guilty for eating the egg drop soup because I stayed the same weight but it may be that I am fully cleansed so who knows. I don’t feel sluggish… I always feel tired after school or work but that’s because of nursing school. I noticed that I haven’t had any breakouts (I usually break out from eating bad) and overall do feel more energized during the day. Somehow, I feel bloated today so I didn’t even want to measure myself… it may be time of the month or just me drinking lots of water.

Weight: 131.4 pounds
Measurements: 27 inch waist & 31 inch around stomach
Thoughts: SO FREAKING HAPPY OMG LOL. I expected little to no weight change at all since it slowly declined anyways. I feel like I don’t see a difference in my body but I lost an inch around my stomach which is a yay. Even looking back at my day one picture and now, I see a little less bloat but obviously no fat was loss with this cleanse.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I am down 8.6 pounds and I am glad I did this cleanse and finished. I feel like now I am going to be more mindful of what I put in my body. Of course, I will indulge once in a while because I have a major sweet tooth but it won’t happen as often and I will make healthier decisions. I want to adapt a healthy lifestyle and not just do it for now since summer is coming up. I just want to feel and look good. As happy as I am with my results, there are things I wished I did. To begin with, I feel like I would had saw better results if I worked hard more. I know that I couldn’t do anything heavy because I would be lightheaded with consuming few calories but I felt like I could had walked more or just did light cardio. In addition, there are some days where I didn’t finish the smoothies at all so it might have affected my results since the author created each recipe with the selected ingredients for optimum results. In the same way, I felt like I snacked a lot and even though snacking was allowed, I should had chose to drink water or sip on my smoothie instead of going for a snack right away.

Furthermore, like I said before, I only spent $100 on groceries so I did save a lot of money not eating out or going out to drink. Usually, during school time, I would usually stop by DD for iced coffee, buy breakfast at Wawa and go out to lunch which sometimes add up to about $20-$30 a day. I try to prep the smoothies in the morning because it melts overnight and the texture just becomes disgusting and hard to down. I really enjoyed not wondering what I am going to eat or plan out my meals because it was already set. This is motivating me to actually meal prep soon!

My body is not where it used to be after indulging and nursing school but I am getting back on track now. I am excited to eat real foods now but the book recommends to slowly incorporate foods again. For the remainder of the week, I will drink two smoothies a day and have one health meal for lunch. I plan to slowly add in healthy grains like bread and pasta slowly next week. I expect to gain some weight back since I will be actually eating real food but I plan to do more hardcore exercises because now it is time to burn that fat!

PS: Please disregard my messy room pics LOL I started nursing school last week so I’m tired and always on the go. Also, sorry my scale pictures were sometimes blurry… it was hard trying to weigh myself and take a picture cause every time I moved, the scale would go up or down (yeah weird). I also hate my feet so I didn’t want my feet in the picture LOL.

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