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Hello again everyone! I am so lucky to be part of the Influenster app because I receive so many goodies to try. For this box, I received three makeup products by Honest Beauty and I got really excited because I never tried anything from this brand before. For awhile, I knew it was a diaper brand and sold baby products so I was really surprised to see they started a beauty line. Honest Beauty advertises that it is clean and uses safe ingredients that are free of any toxic chemicals. I mean they name basically speaks for itself. In this box, I received the matte primer, matte lip crayon in pink, and also the mascara that comes with a primer as well. Read below for my honest opinion on all 3 products. You can shop these products at the end. They are on sale at Target!

Matte Primer
This is my favorite product in this box and works wonder! If you’re into makeup or use makeup, you know that primer is really important to create a base for the rest of your makeup. A good primer really makes a difference for long lasting flawless makeup. I used this regularly but really didn’t know how great it was until last week when I was in a wedding and also went to a music festival. On the day of the wedding, we (the bridal party + bride) started getting ready at 10am. I did my normal skincare regime of cleansing + toner + moisturizer and then proceeded to use this primer on my face. I see makeup artists apply with a brush but I just use my fingers (as long as they’re clean) and get it all over my face, avoiding the eye area. I then applied the rest of my makeup and finished with Urban Decay’s all nighter spray. When we finally got to the cocktail hour, it was about 7pm, 9 hours after I initially did my makeup and my face was not oily and my foundation was still there. I only touched up my bronzer and highlighter because I like it to really pop out. I did not need to touch up any other makeup at all and this primer allowed my makeup to last all night until 2am through rain and lots of crying from the wedding. Two days after, I used this before an all-day music festival where I was out in the sun for 7 hours dancing and sweating. I brought a backpack just so I can bring backup makeup to touch up my makeup and I never touched it. Even though I received this complimentary, I will continue to purchase this primer because I am hooked and it works wonder! Love that it is available at Target so I can can pick this up during my weekly Target runs.

Matte Lip Crayon
I received this in the color pink and I don’t love this product but I do like it. It is basically a tinted chapstick. For me, it was really smooth and soft but I honestly prefer a liquid lipstick formula for a night out because it’s more coverage and it pops out more. It is nice for an everyday wear for running errands or going to class. Tip: even though it is a tinted chapstick, do not apply it on chapped lips because it does not fix that. Use a lip scrub and a toothbrush to exfoliate lips before applying to get that smooth base. Overall, I really like the texture but I don’t think I would pay for another one because it does not fit my preferences.

Mascara + Primer
Since I had this box, 90% of the time I had eyelash extensions so I try not to wear mascara unless I really had to. During a concert I went to two weeks ago, I was due for a refill but I didn’t get one yet so I wanted to make my eyes look dramatic so I used this. I never really used a mascara primer before so this was different. It was white but it did dry clear. I then put the mascara on and it went on smoothly. It did last because it was a pain to take off lol it took a lot of eye makeup remover and also makeup remover. The mascara was definitely black black. I wish I didn’t have extensions to see how it really worked because my lashes are pretty light and short. To be honest, I probably won’t buy again because I love my lash extensions and it is recommended to not wear mascara over it. However, I do love this product because it is clean, long lasting, and has a primer!

Honest Beauty Matte PrimerHonest Beauty Pink Lip CrayonHonest Beauty Mascara

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