Nurse Themed Graduation Party

Last week, I executed my Pinterest dreams and planned a nursing theme graduation party. Of course, everything was pink because that’s my favorite color. I had lots of help by my sisters and of course Pinterest :). All links are clickable!

To start off, I had a white backdrop (just a sheet) that was pinned by a backdrop stand. I ordered a gold glitter calligraphy cutout of my name (Jenn) on Etsy to put in the middle. For the balloon arch, I made it myself. I ordered this pack of balloons from Amazon and it came with white and clear balloons with gold confetti in it. I also ordered these pink roses and got some more flowers at the dollar to fill in the spaces of the balloon. I watched YouTube videos on how to make an arch.

For the table, I ordered my cake & macarons from Lovely Cakes (located in PA/NJ area). The cake stand I got at home and I ordered the macaron tiers from Amazon. The R & N stand up letters I got from Joann Fabrics (arts & crafts store). I made shortbread heart cookies and decorated it with the EKG strip. Cupcakes were decorated at the top with pink EKG strip as well. I put the cookies on clear plastic plates at the dollar store. container of Hershey’s Kisses with a sign “Kisses for your booboo.” I added some roses to the table as well to match the balloons.

I saw on Pinterest how someone made a shadowbox of their labcoat to decorate and I loved the idea since I probably would never wear my labcoat again. I got the shadowbox frame at a craft store and added my student ID, my clinical watch, my penlight, and also medical stuff like alcohol wipes and syringes. Lastly, I got stickers to say RN and also magna cum laude, which is the honors I proudly graduated with πŸ™‚

I saw these medical jars on Pinterest as well and it reminded me of a medical office so I knew I had to get it and fill it up with goodies to make it look like what’s supposed to be in there.
Tongue Depressors: Vanilla Wafers
Cotton: Marshmallow
Applicators: Chocolate Covered Pretzels to look like thermometers
Gauze: Saltine Crackers
Bandages: Lady Fingers with white chocolate square

For the hydration station, I ordered urine specimen cups and filled it up with twisted lemonade. I also had two beverage stands: red jungle juice for “O positive blood” and Malibu Bay Breeze for “Normal Saline.” I totally forgot Malibu Bay Breeze is reddish because of the cranberry juice and saline is clear but it still worked lol.

I ordered the drinkable IV bags from Amazon and filled it up with the red jungle juice to make it look like blood for transfusion. I hung them up on a jewelry stand to resemble an IV pole. Lastly, I ordered these plastic syringes to make jello shots! These were prob my fave because they were so easy to make and def a hit at the party.

I was inspired by the Snellen Eye Chart so I made my own on Microsoft Word to display the veggie tray.

For all the signs with the pink cross, I made it on Microsoft Word and printed it out and put it on white posterboard just to fit the nurse theme. I was inspired by the red cross that is a medical symbol so I chose to use pink instead.

Calligraphy sign done by Barely Bluskink. I wanted a sign that said my grad party and also the date to make it look extra cute. She even left me a little room to put my picture in the middle. I am in love with anything calligraphy so I was so happy to have that for my party. Please hit her up for all your calligraphy needs. It’s so beautiful!

So I went a little extra LOL but I love planning things to the last details so I wanted to make a goodie bag for all my guests. I ordered white gifts bags, first aid kits, and hand sanitizers. I also wanted to give out candy in a prescription bottle to really fit the theme and found a pack of 50 empty ones on Ebay for $20. Don’t worry, I definitely cleaned and rinsed them before using them lol. I went to Wegman (a grocery store) where they sell candy by the pound and bought 12 pounds of Jelly Belly jellybeans to fill them up. I designed the labels just on Microsoft Word and Abobe Editor and printed them out to put on each gift including the gift bag. I also printed out everyone’s names on a label to add a special and personal touch to the gift bags πŸ™‚

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And lastly, the party would not be awesome with my awesome guests! Special shoutout to my bf for sponsoring everything and my sisters and friends for help!

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  1. Emily
    July 6, 2021 / 4:43 pm

    Where is your dress from? It’s so pretty!

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