The Body Shop Holiday Guide

I am so blessed to be an ambassador for The Body Shop. I truly believe in their products and want to share with you my first ever holiday gift guide for him and here. I know I am late but coming back from vacation to being sick and jet lagged really took a toll on my body but hopefully if you’re like me, you are a last minute shopper also so this would help! I promise I will be so much better next year. There is a 30% holiday sale right now up until Christmas so if you read this and the sale is over, I apologize! FYI: All titles are clickable links and my boyfriend approved everything for the guys section 🙂


1. Guarana & Coffee Moisturizer
This is perfect as an everyday morning moisturizer for your favorite guy: boyfriend/hubby, brother, and even dad. This is enriched with green coffee to give his skin an extra boost of energy to get him ready for the day. It is lightweight and provides hydration all day! Regular price is $18, on sale for $12.60. 

2. Coconut Treat Set
Coconut is a very subtle smell and is not girly at all so it can be a gift for ANYONE! It comes with a mini shower cream and body butter that makes the perfect Secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer. It’s also on sale for only $6.30 so def a steal!

3. Shea Shower Cream
Shea is also a very subtle smell and let’s face it, men need cute shower creams too besides the typical Axe/Old Spice scents. This shower cream cleanses the body and leaves the skin soft, something all men secretly want but won’t admit. It comes it two sizes: 2 fl oz ($4.20) & 8.4 fl oz($7) for small and big stocking stuffers.

4. Tea Tree Oil
My boyfriend and I both used this while in Japan because we ate so much junk that it gave us occasion breakouts. This is the perfect spot treatment that can be used overnight and under makeup to get rid of blemishes. It is all natural and perfect for sensitive blemished skin. Comes in two sizes: 0.67 fl oz ($18, sale for $12.60) and 0.33 fl oz ($10, on sale for $7).

5. Shaving Cream
This is a must have for any guy in your life because let’s face it, all men have to shave! This shaving cream has aloe in it, which gives it a cooling and healing effect so it will leave the skin smooth and soft. No cuts here! Originally $16, it’s on sale for $11.20!

6. After Shave Gel
A must have cooling gel to apply right after shaving. This will reduce any redness or irritation at site and will leave the skin extra soft. Original price is $16, on sale for $11.20.

7. Tea Tree Matte Lotion
Idk why I didn’t put this next to the tea tree oil but if your guy is prone to breakouts, I do recommend this moisturizer because it is lightweight and does not clog the pores. It is also matte so it will not make the face look greasy or shiny, which I know no guys want lol. Originally $15, on sale for $10.50. 

8. Hair & Body Wash 
This is a 2-in-1 cleanser that cleans hair as well as the skin. It is lightweight, gentle for the skin, and has a nice fresh scent to it! On sale for $9.80 from $14 for 6.75 fl oz.

9. Shower Gel
This shower gel is made especially for men! Enriched with citrus and oriental spices, it has a fresh but also manly smell. It is tough because it is deep cleaning but also very gentle on the skin. On sale for $9.80 from $14. 


1. The Ultimate Collection
This is the holy grail of all gift boxes and has EVERYTHING! This would be perfect for your bestie, mother, mother-in-law, and even boss if you want that promotion LOL. This set comes in more scents but I love this smell of almond milk & honey because it is fresh, natural, and subtle. I don’t like anything too strong and not a lot of folks do. Since it is all natural, it is perfect for sensitive skin but strong enough to tackle dry skin. It comes with full size shower cream, scrub, body yogurt, bath milk, body butter, and hand cream. It already comes in the cutest gift box with a ribbon and bow on top. This gets you 4 full sized & two mini size products and is on sale for only $35!!! (originally $50) 

2. Body Butter Trio
The perfect Secret Santa or stocking stuff for your favorite gal! Comes with three holiday scents: peppermint candy cane, berry bon bon, and vanilla marshmallow. Comes in a cute triangular gift box so all you need to do is put a box on top. $10.50 for all 3.

3. Contour Palette
This is perfect for your makeup junkie sister or friend! This palette is so simple to use and has a flawless finish. It comes with 4 colors: one light color for highlighter, a shimmery pink blush, and two colors for contours (one light and one dark). It is also very compact and light so it fits in your clutch to touch up on the go or travel bag. On sale for $16.80 from $24. 

4. Green Tea Scrub Shampoo
I am a strong believer in using green tea for all major health benefits. It is no surprise that it is a key ingredient to get rid of impurities. Think of it this way: when you drink green tea, it helps detoxes your body and cleanses your system. The green tea in this hair scrub has a similar effect to it. This hair scrub is gentle on scalp but tough on dirt and built up so it leaves your hair feeling clean and purified. This gift is for any lady but especially ones who have damaged hair or is just totally obsessed with hair. On sale for $16.80

5. Coconut Treat Set
Like mentioned before, coconut is a very subtle smell and is perfect for ANYONE! It comes with a mini shower cream and body butter that makes the perfect Secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer. It’s also on sale for only $6.30 so def a steal! Perfect for moms, mom-in laws, aunties, and grannies! 

6. Matcha Face Mask
This has got to be my favorite Body Shop product of all time and I think it’s perfect for ANYONE but especially those obsessed with skincare and makeup wearers. This mask is great to wear after taking off makeup for the because it cleans deep into the pores to get rid of any built up and clogged pores. This leaves the face smoother and looks way healthier. This is also perfect for sensitive skin. On sale for $19.60 and it is so worth it. 

7. Matte Lipstick
On sale for only $7, this makes the perfect stocking stuffers. It comes in 7 beautiful colors and did I mention it is matte?! I know us ladies love wearing lipstick so this is the perfect gift for any lady because there is no such thing as too many lipsticks.8. Tea Tree Oil
Like I said up there, this is the perfect gift for anyone with blemish prone skins. Give it to your bestie or sister so that their skin can be as flawless as you! It is all natural and perfect for sensitive blemished skin. Comes in two sizes: 0.67 fl oz ($18, sale for $12.60) and 0.33 fl oz ($10, on sale for $7).

9. Body Butter
The Body Shop is known for its body butters and their amazing scents. This gift is for ANYONE and I mean ANYONE; just pick out a scent that they would like. I love the smell of mangoes because mangoes are my favorite fruit. I know that my sisters love mangoes too so I’ll most likely grab these for their gifts. Anyways, the body butters come in multiple sizes so grab one for on the go, in cosmetic bags, and even leave one at home. The small one is $6.

10. Mini Almond Milk Set
This is a smaller version of the previous set so this is perfect for white elephant and Secret Santa. This is also a cute little gift for coworkers if you’re not that close to them but still want to do something little. It’s on sale for only $10.50 and contains shower cream, hand cream, and body butter. All 3 minis come in a cute carrying pouch that is all TSA approved so it’s perfect for your friends who are always traveling.

11. Liquid Facial Peel
Next to the matcha mask, this is my next favorite product and is perfect for the ladies in your life who is obsessed with their skincare and also want to look young! This exfoliates and peels off dead skins and well as built up to leave your skin feeling healthier, younger, and smoother. This can be used on face as well as hands and feet (calluses too!). I actually also used it when I came back from Thailand because I was peeling like crazy from sunburn. On sale for $17.50, originally $25. 

Hope you guys liked my first ever gift guide! Honestly, anything at The Body Shop can be gifted to ANYONE! Their products are pretty gender neutral and you just gotta know the person you are gifting (what they need or use on the daily, their favorite scent, etc…) For people who you are not that close with or it’s a Secret Santa gift, go with any of the gift boxes or minis to stuff a stocking or make a mini basket. Please share your Body Shop finds with me and please feel free to ask any questions! Happy Holidays everyone! 

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