Goodbye 2018 & Hello 2019

Of course, I want to reflect on the previous year and make goals for myself for next year. This year was amazing: from the Eagles winning Super Bowl to my travels (San Fran, San Diego, Grand Turks, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Japan), to being maid of honor and seeing my cousin marry her lover and of course graduating nursing school. I keep seeing these memes making fun of people who say stuff like “new year, new me” and I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it. If a person wants to change or do something differently in the next year, then let them live. I think it’s wonderful to make goals for ourselves and it’s okay to not be able to reach them by the end of the year, as long as you’re trying and working towards that goal. Whatever your goals are, I hope you reach them and don’t just stop there, keep on going! Below are some of my goals to start out with that I may or may not adjust as the year goes on.

1. Adapt a healthier lifestyle

This time no fad diets or 10-day juice cleanses LOL and just making better food decisions. I never considered myself a big person, but I definitely put on some excess weight. I love food a lot and don’t really eat the healthiest type of food. For 2019, I want to adapt a gym routine and also get in the habit of eating healthier.

2. Do not settle for less

I honestly believe in the saying good things come to those who wait and it’s shocking because I am a very impatient person. I recently graduated nursing school and the job hunt is hard, so it was even harder for me to not accept any job that came my way. I know what I want and where I want to be, and I think this applies to anything in life. KNOW YOUR WORTH!

3. Be more consistent with my blog

It’s been a crazy year being busy with nursing school, so I haven’t been consistent with my blog at all, so I definitely want to put more work and time into it. I don’t know a lot about HTML and stuff, but I want to learn more to redesign my layout and learn more about photography. In addition, I also want to be more creative with my posts. On the other hand, I want to get out my comfort zone and network more with other bloggers. I truly love the Instagram/blog community and want to put myself out there more to connect with them!  

4. Travel more

I can’t explain the happiness I feel when I am in a new place exploring. This year, I am going to try to be less materialistic LOL and invest that into traveling. There is a saying that traveling is the only thing you spend money on that you’ll end up feeling richer. I cannot agree more. Being able to experience new cultures and tradition is something that you will remember forever. I would love to travel to Europe next, but my boyfriend wants to travel all of Asia first, so we’ll see where we end up!

5. Be happy

This pretty much sums up everything I want to achieve, and this is my goal every year. Regardless of what situation I am in, or what comes my way, I want to make sure that whatever I do, I do it for myself and for my own happiness. This means prioritizing myself and more self-care. Do more things that make you happy and leave the negativity behind. At this point in my life, I am getting old, so I am not going to waste time or energy into things that will not make me happy.

Thank you everyone for the constant support with reading my blogs and following along. I promise to create and curate amazing things in 2019 for you guys so can’t wait to show you guys. Please be safe and have a wonderful 2019!

JANUARY: Rang in last year’s NYE with my family with 80s theme
MARCH: My 26th Birthday
MAY: Cindy’s Dental Hygienist Grad
JUNE: Peter’s HS Grad
JUNE: Ashley’s Bridal Shower
JULY: Chris Brown Concert
JULY: Ashley’s Bday/Bachelorette
AUGUST: Family Cruise to the Caribbeans
AUGUST: Ashley’s Wedding being Maid of Honor
SEPTEMBER: Celebrated Labor Day at EZOO
SEPTEMBER: Sunflower Fields
NOVEMBER: Thailand
DECEMBER: Attended my first blogger brunch

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