My BBL Facial with Ideal Image

Last week, I had an awesome opportunity to attend Ideal Image’s Renew event where I got a complimentary BBL facial. I promise this review is 100% honest. They provide other services including laser hair removal and Cool Sculpting. I would check their website here if you are interested in their other services. If you are unsure and have any question, please feel free to reach out to a location nearest you and can always set up a free consultation.

What is BBL Facial?
BBL means broadband light therapy and basically is a facial that uses intense pulse light in order to produce firmer and more even skin by reducing the appearance of damage. This is not your typical facial with a massage, which was what I thought it was going to be the whole time lol. But you should have a peek here, because, according to Ideal Image, it helps with pigmented areas such as freckles and age spots, vascular lesions, acne, redness, firmness, and uneven skin texture. This procedure is FDA approved and has little recovery time. The ones that want to alter their skin to feel better about themselves can click for more info here.

Location & Procedure:The location I went to is the Philadelphia location, located inside of Liberty Place Plaza on 2nd floor. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted right away and then was offered water while waiting. I truly felt like VIP lol. I was given a tour of the facility and I was amazed at how clean the office was and how up to date the technology was.

The check in process was easy and I had to sign some documents to be safe because it is a medical treatment. I was then escorted to the room and then a nurse comes in to introduce what she is doing to me. Yes, she is a registered nurse who is doing the procedure. I felt pretty confident and reassured that she is a registered nurse. It’s amazing because nurses can literally be in any field! I laid down on the table and she first cleansed my face to wipe my makeup off and to create a smooth surface. She then gave me mini goggles to cover my eyes because the light from the facial is really bright. It was a constant zapping motion for about 10 minutes and it felt warm but kinda stung at the same time. You can watch Youtube tutorial to see what it looks like. The nurse did tell me to let her know if I needed a break. It was not painful but it was just a different and annoying feeling like I felt like it was a mini taser or something zapping me lol.

After the procedure, my face was a little red but it was only temporarily for an hour or so. The nurse went over post procedure instructions with me on what is normal and what is not normal and to call them right away. The nurse was SO friendly and helpful especially because it was my first time and I had lots of questions lol.

My Results: I never had a problem with my skin when it comes to fine lines or wrinkles but I definitely feel like my face is firm and pretty soft. In addition, I noticed some of my freckles were either lighter or almost gone which shows it definitely works. However, it was pretty dark right after the procedure but then started to peel off. You may or may not will require multiple sessions depending on your skin type and what your end goal is. Always ask for a consultation and ask them exactly how many recommended sessions you need done.

Before & After: Before I was cute and had lashes and after I am ugly without lashes LOL JK but really when putting the two pictures together, I really started to see the difference. The bottom picture was taken few days after the treatment. I had fewer freckles and my face looked smoother. In the top picture on the right side on my cheek (left cheek), you can see that there are little indents in my face that I never noticed before and in the after picture, those little indents are gone!

Disclaimer: I only had one session so I am just going off of this one session. Also, everyone’s skin is VERY different. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. I recommend always reading reviews or watching YouTube videos and find people who have the same skin complexions/concerns as you to compare. Also, yes this was sponsored but the review is 100% my own opinion.

Discount Code: Mention my IG name (fabul0uus; Jenn Huynh) for a discount off your next service 🙂

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