Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone! My previous blog posts were about date ideas and what to wear so the next thing is gift guides! I picked out really girly gifts that I think is suitable for this holiday and also with current trends. I kinda listed more for the ladies because I know best hehehe. In addition to the 10 items I listed, chocolates, flowers, and a spa package are also very nice gifts to consider as well! PS my description is left to right and the pictures are clickable for each product 🙂 Sometimes it lags so just hover over until you see a cursor or able to click it!

Gifts for the Ladies

1. Pink Vans
Obviously, my favorite color is pink, and I don’t wear a lot of sneakers, so this is the perfect casual shoe that is still girly!

2. Clear Bag
There is something about clear bags that are just so cute! I really like the trend and whoever you are gifting this to, will appreciate it because it literally goes with everything! This one is little too so it’s perfect for girl’s night or a date.

3. Lipstick
Majority of women out there wears lipstick, so this is a very easy gift especially when YSL came out with this limited-edition packaging and color just for Valentine’s Day. I personally use YSL makeup and their products are amazing!

4. Diptyque Candle
These candles have been pretty popular on social media and I didn’t understand the hype until I bought one of my own. It has a wonderful and heavenly floral scent to it and the smell does last for a while. All women love candles, and this is a great way for her to relax at home after a long day at work.

5. Summer Friday R&R Mask
I understand not all women are into makeup, but every woman should be into skincare. It is so important as we grow older to take care of our face. Summer Fridays make the best face masks by far! They are completely natural, and you can start to see results really soon. They just launched their R&R mask which has rose flower powder to leave skin feeling smooth and polished. I love how the packaging is a pink rose color so it’s perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.

6. Pink Teddy Half Zip
The teddy coat style was so in this fall and winter and since the weather is getting nicer out, a big teddy coat is not necessary so this half zip teddy is perfect! It is super soft and even has a heart on the left chest. It’s perfect for an everyday comfy and casual look. Just throw on some leggings or jeans with Chucks/Vans and you’re set.

7. Bar Necklace
I love the style of bar necklaces and this is cute because you can even get your initials on it. It’s perfect to layer with your simple charm necklaces or even chokers. This is actually what I asked Andy for Vday 🙂

8. Curling Wand
If she’s into hair and curls her hair often, she definitely needs this wand. This has been the only wand I been using for years now and it definitely does not disappoint. I curl my hair more often than straighten it so it is important for me to find a really good wand that does not damage my hair.

9. Gucci Card Holder
If you’re looking to splurge a little bit but not go broke, I would definitely get a card holder. I like this color because it is a dusty pink color and will go with everything. Buy this and put it in a clear bag like the one mentioned above to make a statement!

10. Perfume
I really like this perfume because the packaging is cute and pretty but also it has such a pretty and girly scent. It is not overbearingly strong and is perfect for everyday and even date nights. Definitely go into a department store because they usually have gift sets and will wrap it for you too!

Gifts for Guys

All these items are things I got Andy as gifts so he definitely approves! Men are pretty simple lol besides food & beers, here are some items that I think every guy would love! They are all essentials so definitely useful. Once again each item is clickable 🙂

Very simple pair of sunglasses that goes with everything. Andy wears his all the time and had it for awhile. I really love the Ray Bans style and it’s pretty affordable. The quality is amazing!

2. Tie Clips
This is perfect if your guy has to dress up for work or dresses up often. It comes in 3 colors so it matches everything. I also really love the matte black! I got these for Andy and even got in engraved with his name at Things Remembered to give it more of a personal touch 🙂

3. T-shirts
Can’t go wrong with a simple t-shirt. This one is very soft and comes in lots of colors. My go to gifts for Andy always included couple t-shirts because he goes through a lot of them lol.

4. Dress Socks
Another essentials for men are socks! I really love Happy Socks because they have so many different designs so you’ll find the perfect one for any guy you are gifting for. Super soft and super cute designs too!

5. Game System
Regardless of age, I feel like all men love video games lol it’s just in them to play and love video games. Nintendo is a classic and I’m glad it came back. Buy him a console and then play it on Valentine’s Day for a super chill date!

6. Cologne
I love it when a guy smells good so cologne always make a great go-to gift. One of my favorite scents on Andy so far. It smells amazing and it is not too strong or overbearing. Colognes always have nice gift sets too and department stores will usually give you free gifts and wrap it for you too!

7. Duffel Bag
I got Andy this for a weekend trip and he honestly fit a lot in it. It is very durable and has a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes. He can also use this for a gym bag or whatever else he wants. I really love products by Herschel so I definitely recommend.

8. Hoodie
Definitely an essential so you can’t go wrong gifting this for your guy. This style is super soft and slim which will pair nice with jeans or even joggers for a casual look.

Hope everyone enjoyed these gift ideas! Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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