A Color Factory Experience

Over the weekend, I visited NYC for my birthday and stopped by this exhibit. This exhibit has been around NYC for awhile now and has one in San Fran as well.

It advertises that there are 16 rooms, all with vibrant colors and different experiences. It took us about an hour to go through all of them, which includes lots of picture taking. I thought it went by pretty quick and seemed less than 16 rooms to me. I also spent like 2 mins in the ball pit for a quick picture because it smelled like feet and I am a complete germaphobe lol.

When we first walked in, we checked in and were offered mochi ice cream. We then waited underneath this colorful display of confetti paper.

The first room had an intro video for us to watch with rules and regulations. We then walked into the next room to grab a scan card and register it with our names and emails. The exhibit has multiple photo ops where you can scan the card and the pictures will be emailed to you! Love this concept.

The first real exhibit room had a carousel of different colored macarons to try. On the opposite side of the room, there were painted florals which were a photo op!

We then walked through the hallway with colored buttons. The buttons are magnetic and it’s free to take!

The next room had different booths set up, where your partner is on the opposite side. This was a fun little drawing activity, where you get to draw your partner. All you have to do is put on the headphones, look at your partner, and follow the directions.

After the drawing is done, the next room is called “Perfect Pairing.” The treat you get will match the color of your booth. Since I had orange and Andy had blue, we got a sour blue gummy and orange gummy. Definitely the perfect pair!

The next exhibit had different musical instruments to play and make your own music. I wasn’t a big fan so we just walked on by lol.

This next room had balloons that also flew up because of the fans in the room. The balloons were holographic and had cute messages on it. This room was perfect for boomerangs!

This next room was different. It started with one question and your answer will direct you to another question and it keeps going until you end up at one of the 4 secret rooms. Each room had a different color. My secret color ended up being purple!

The next room was the dance floor room inspired by Maybelline cosmetics. The dance floor lighted up and had a metallic sequin wall. After you’re done dancing, you can stop by the bar for a yummy drink.

I have no idea what the next room is called lol but each of the letters pull out so you can see the color and its name.

The next room had circular spinny things where you can lay on and take boomerangs and pictures. Unfortunately for us, their camera was broken that day so we weren’t able to take any boomerangs laying on it.

The next room had the ball pit! The balls were light blue and the gelato offered in that room was also the same color. You also get to pick a surprise toy at the counter. There were photo ops here but I did not want to get in that deep lol and it was super crowded.

The last room was a gift shop and it happened to have a really cute bike so why not take a picture 🙂

Honestly, it was a fun exhibit with lots of IG pics but I wouldn’t pay $38 to go again. NYC exhibits are expensive anyways and it’s totally a #doitforthegram opportunity lol. Pros: it had some free sweets and there is coat check! Cons: it gets crowded on weekends, even with timed tickets, so plan ahead!

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