Rose Wine Mansion Experience

Hi everyone! Just sharing my experience at another NYC exhibit called Rose Wine Mansion. This actually opened last summer and came back this year in June. You know I am all about exhibits, especially when it is pink and has wine involved. It’s a wine bar and exhibit/museum all in one with lots of interactive props and a ball pit!

This exhibit contains 8 beautifully planned out rooms all with a theme and a lesson about the featured wine. The wine samples for each room are small but around 1-2 oz. Each room has beautiful art, murals, and more for lots of vibrant colors.

When you first walked in, check in was similar to booking in at an airport and was extra cute. Then, we were taken to a room with an intro video which was prepared with the help of the Austin video production company, and then the next room had big balloons that looked like grapes to play with. Right next to it, we got our pretty wine glasses that we got to take home.

The next room was set up like a science experiment and talked about the origin of wine and how it was made. It was so pink and cute! Next to this, there was another room with bunch of different colored neon rooms where you can pop in and snap a pic.

After this, the next room was a Cleopatra and Egyptian theme and highlighted Cleopatra’s favorite wine. It had a nice little history lesson to it too. I forgot the wine lol but this was one of my favorite since it was sweet and bubbly! The next two rooms weren’t that interesting lmao but it still had wine tasting and a story behind that. One was very artsy and had lots of vibrant colors. The next room was set up like a lake and if you lay down on the floor (which I didn’t) and get the right angles, it looks SO realistic!

The next room was “Pursuit of Sweetness” where it was set up like a game where you answer questions and it leads you to either sweet, semi sweet, or dry wines. I landed right in the middle and was able to taste this.

After this room, the next room was set up like a Moulin Rouge themed and showcased a French wine. Fun fact: most of the world’s wine comes from France! This room had lots of props where you can dress up and take pics.

Okay the next room was my absolute fave! It had bathtubs, florals, and lots of greens and vines. SO PRETTY! I swear I had the most fun taking pics in this room lol.

The next room was set up like a celebration room with pinatas, confetti, and a big birthday cake that you can jump out of for boomerangs and pics.

The last room was the ball exhibit. Then when you leave the exhibit, you walk out towards the end which had lots of more wall murals, the infamous swing with the Rose background and food aka tacos!

As you can see, there are LOTS of instagrammable moments and cute exhibits. I enjoyed it a lot because I am obsessed with pink, florals, and of course wine. The exhibit is about $50 per person, and that does include wine samples but not food. You would have to pay for the tacos and any additional samples of wine. You can even buy wine bottles to bring home and they range from $10 to like $30. For me, it was a fun experience I was able to share with my best friend so I think it was worth it for that plus pretty photos and wine. It is in NYC so everything there is overpriced anyways lol. For me, these tickets were comped but this blog and my opinion are 100% me and genuine. If you’re ever in NYC, definitely check it out 🙂

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