First Aid Beauty Skincare Review

I have been using First Aid Beauty for awhile now and I absolutely love it because it is clean, great for sensitive skin & really relieves dry/irritated skin. I was so excited to try out their new Fab Pharma line because it has pharmacy-inspired remedies really made to tackle all types of skin concerns. According to The Dermatology and Laser Group, FYI, everything is non greasy, hypoallergenic, fragrance free & made up of CLEAN ingredients. It has a clean seal at Sephora and this means that Sephora checked that this brand’s product is made without any of the toxic, harsh, and synthetic ingredients. Products are available at & or you can simply click the link and it will redirect you 🙂

Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask
First time using this mask and I used it twice so far. So the description says it’s good for stressed-out, dry/irritated skin because it’s meant to nourish, repair, and strengthen the skin. The key ingredient is “Arnica” and I never heard about this before. When I looked it up and did my own research, Arnica is an herb that was originally used for pain because of its anti-inflammatory purposes. For this mask, Arnica is made to heal the skin, which was apparent in the results I achieved. Another key ingredient that I’m sure you guys all heard of is shea butter and shea butter is rich in vitamins & essential fatty acids to really moisturize the skin. My skin is really sensitive and easily gets red so this was really gentle on my skin. My skin wasn’t red or irritated before use so I cannot talk about this but It did make my feel softer, less puffy and a little brighter. One of my favorite thing about this mask is that it is so easy to use since you don’t actually have to rinse it off. Perfect for on the go or overnights! It is a light blue/mint color but as soon as it touches your face, it absorbs quickly and is white!
How to use: Apply about a quarter size or more and massage around face, leave it on to absorb for 15 mins, massage remainder into skin or wipe off with a tissue. Safe to use 2-3x weekly 🙂

Oat & Hemp Multi-Fix Salve 
First time I used this as well and it is made to be a multi-used cream or balm to hydrate & smooth skin emergencies. Before I was introduced to this, I used the ultra repair cream also by First Aid Beauty. At first, I’m like what is a salve lol and of course I did my own research and a salve is an old school ointment used to promote healing of the skin and to protect so sounds similar to Vaseline. I tried this as a balm for my lips, putting more on the inner part cause this part gets a little more cracked aka crusty lol. I mean I like it on my lips but I didn’t like how it tasted lol. It does its job but it isn’t really practical to carry around this as a lip balm haha. I also used it for my cuticles and OMG it works better than the ultra repair cream just for the cuticles. It did feel a little greasy at first and seems like it took longer to absorb than the ultra repair cream. 

Ultra Repair Cream
This has been my holy grail for the longest. I wash my hands all the time, especially at work so this definitely helps my hands from becoming dry and cracked. It also deeply absorbs so that I don’t have to keep applying after each hand wash. I also used to have dry patches on my face especially in the winter and this is SOOO gentle and leaves my skin feeling extra extra soft and smooth. I love that this also comes in a smaller size which is perfect for traveling and my work bag.

Pure Skin Facial Cleanser
If you don’t cleanse your face, you’re doing skincare WRONG. So a cleanser is basically a face soap that is supposed to remove dirt, makeup etc. I usually do wipe my face off with a makeup wipe before cleansing my face and I do use a Clarisonic for deep clean cleansing. Anyways, this cleanser has aloe with helps to calm, soothe, and nurture the skin. What I love about this cleanser is that it feels so lightweight and gentle but does its job by really cleaning your face and not drying it out or leaving it irritated. 

Toner Pads
Many people don’t know this but a toner is an important skincare step right after cleansing. A toner is supposed to balance your face pH levels, brighten, and removes anything your cleanser did not. They are usually sold as liquid product you have to put on a facial pad but First Aid Beauty made using a toner SOO EASY! These ready to use facial pads, made with glycolic & lactic acids, come with the toner already and is made to exfoliate, tone, and brighten. 

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed esthetician or skin expert. I’m just someone who went through a journey of achieving flawless skin and did my own extensive research. As a beauty blogger, I also have tried and tested out TONS of skincare products and got lots of treatments done. Overall when it comes to skincare, keep it simple & always wash your face. 

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