A Fabul0uus Stay at Wave Resort

Hi everyone! I recently had a chance staying at Wave Resort in Long Branch, NJ which is basically right by the Jersey Shore and a little over an hour from Philadelphia, PA. Ideally, it is the place to be in the summer since it is next to the beach but the hotel is well equipped and amazing for a fun little getaway and cozy staycation/getaway ALL YEAR AROUND!

When driving to Wave Resort, it is literally steps from the beach. I pulled up to the front entrance and was greeted by valet service who took my keys and parked my car. They will give you a number and you can easily text it when you check out so that the car will be ready by the time you head downstairs to the lobby.

When I walked in, I was instantly amazed with the hotel lobby. It was modern, chic, and nicely decorated. There were plants, pool table, and lots of cute lounge furniture and lighting! I swear I could just sit down there and had a photoshoot anywhere in that lounge.

On the same floor as the hotel lounge, there is a hair salon “Hot Mess Studio,” cafe, and restaurant. At “Hot Mess Studio,” you can get a blow out as well as styling services to get you ready for dinner in or even a night out. I love this amenity because traveling is always so hectic and I just want to be able to relax without stressing about doing my hair and looking all cute. It is the perfect way to get pampered and the best part is that you can drink while getting your hair done! If you want to be pampered even more, head up to second floor to the spa to get facials and massages 🙂

When it comes to hotel amenities, it is really important for me that the hotel has good food choices lol just because I am such a foodie. The hotel does offer room service and while that is nice since the rooms are absolutely beautiful (I’ll get to that later), the restaurant is so delicious!

100 Ocean is an American & Mediterranean restaurant with a menu inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and the sea. Even if you’re not a seafood person, there is definitely something on the menu you would love (I don’t eat seafood either but still ate everything else). For appetizers, I loved the beets, hummus, and burrata. They also have tons of seafood options and even have a pretty epic seafood tower. They have various land (steak, chicken) entrees as well as seafood entrees (sea bass, salmon, and their fish of the day). For cocktails, they have seasonal cocktails like apple cider daiquiri (YUMMY) and a full bar so you can order beer, wine, and any other cocktails you desire. Lastly, gotta save the best for last and the desserts are absolutely so delicious. I was only there for dinner but they also have a delicious brunch menu served on the weekends. I love that the menu has a variety of cuisines and options so it does not disappoint.

The Wave Resort also offers Buzz Bait which is a coffee that serves coffee, lattes, breakfast sandwiches, pastries and more. I got an avocado toast and it was delicious! This is a quick and easy stop if you wanted to go outside the resort to explore instead of sitting down to brunch at 100 Ocean.

Okay we have to talk about the room because it is beautiful and the views are to die for. The room has a balcony that wraps all around the room with views of the boardwalk and beach. It also has a room right over where the pool would be. Since it’s cold out, the pool had to be covered but you definitely need to come back in the summer because the pool looks AMAZING! The bathroom is huge, has living room/lounge space, as well as robes, slippers, and mini fridge.

Lastly, one of my favorite amenities was the sunrise yoga that was offered on the rooftop. I am not a morning or yoga person at all but the views were so worth it in the morning and doing yoga right by the beach was very surreal and relaxing.

Overall, this hotel has everything you need for a little getaway and will surely have more in the summer when the pool opens. I love the spa and hair services because everyone needs a little extra pampering duh. In addition, the food is to die for and who wants to walk around looking for food when there is a delicious restaurant right there. I am in love with this hotel and I cannot wait until the pool opens and to be poolside and beachside this summer 🙂

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