About Me!

Hi everyone! I am a registered nurse, specializing in critical care who is also a blogger because I just love shopping, beauty, and traveling. I started blogging as an outlet during nursing school so I can destress.

I did my undergrad at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and graduated 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in exercise science but I realized that was not my thing. I wanted to be a nurse because I joined a sorority Spring 2011 and was involved in a lot of philanthropy and community service events. I really took interest in volunteering with sick kids at the hospital and I just knew I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to take care of sick children. I chose to finish my major at Rutgers since I only had a few classes left and then took pre-req courses at a community college near me. I finished my pre-reqs with a 4.0 and got accepted to Aria Jefferson. I graduated October 2018 with Magna Cum Laude, passed my boards, and now I am officially a nurse YAY!

I started my nursing career as a stepdown nurse and while it was challenging, it was so worth it. However, I felt like something was missing and that’s why I decided to become a travel nurse.

I love anything that is cute, sparkly & girly! My favorite color is pink because it’s just very girly & happy but I love wearing all black and I just love summer whites. In addition, I am into all things beauty like skincare and makeup. I am not a makeup pro or anything but I love to get dolled up and look extra fab 🙂

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