Christmas in New York City

I did a post last year but here is my updated NYC holiday guide! I am happy to live so close to an amazing city like New York City so if you never been, definitely go during the holidays because it is magical! It is super romantic and there is…

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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Hi everyone! I been struggling with this ever since I started nursing schools so my eyes are paying for it now. Dark circles can first appear through sleep deprivation. My skin is already pale and skin, so the lack of sleep really makes the blood vessels under my eyes appear…

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Nurse Themed Graduation Party

Last week, I executed my Pinterest dreams and planned a nursing theme graduation party. Of course, everything was pink because that’s my favorite color. I had lots of help by my sisters and of course Pinterest :). All links are clickable! To start off, I had a white backdrop (just…

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