First Aid Beauty Skincare Review

I have been using First Aid Beauty for awhile now and I absolutely love it because it is clean, great for sensitive skin & really relieves dry/irritated skin. I was so excited to try out their new Fab Pharma line because it has pharmacy-inspired remedies really made to tackle all…

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My Fave Hair Products

Hi everyone! I get asked over and over again what color my hair is and how I maintain it so just wanted to tell you my process & list my fave products down below. All links are clickable 🙂 The process: My hair is normally dark brown. I bleached my…

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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Hi everyone! I been struggling with this ever since I started nursing schools so my eyes are paying for it now. Dark circles can first appear through sleep deprivation. My skin is already pale and skin, so the lack of sleep really makes the blood vessels under my eyes appear…

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