A Fabul0uus Stay at The Mills House

When I’m on vacation, I like to make sure the hotel I’m staying at is cute, comfortable, and central. Central means that it’s walking distance to all major attractions and dining since that saves the convenience of renting a car and calling Ubers. I recently went to Charleston, South Carolina…

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A Fabul0uus Stay at Wave Resort

Hi everyone! I recently had a chance staying at Wave Resort in Long Branch, NJ which is basically right by the Jersey Shore and a little over an hour from Philadelphia, PA. Ideally, it is the place to be in the summer since it is next to the beach but…

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The Fabul0uus Lisboa Guide

Hi everyone! I recently went to Barcelona and did a day trip to Lisboa (or Lisbon) Portugal since it is a short flight. Ideally, I would love to spend more time in Lisboa but I was able to tackle all the major attraction areas I wanted in just a day.…

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